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Sample Itinerary | El Porvenir and the Beni Biosphere Reserve

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 San Borja; El Porvenir; Lago Normandia.
Departing San Borja after lunch depart by jeep to El Porvenir (3 hours), with stops in Galileo, an artisan community and the pre-Incan raised fields called “camellones”. Meet the local guides and get to know the site, rest. In the late afternoon and evening hike to the lake Normandia, with good views and chances to photograph the rich array of birds, explore the lake ecosystems and its "pampas". During the canoe exploration, stop first at a heron rookery and continue looking for birds and fauna. Returning late at night, using headlamps to see night life and hike back to El Porvenir, where you’ll have dinner and overnight.

Day 2 Hike or Horse ride to the Pampas. A full day hike or horse ride visiting the three observatory towers (with an altitude of 15 m/50 ft), that give you a good perspective of the Beni savannas or pampas. Also islands of forest and river forest, ideal to learn the different habitats. Lots of birds and good chances to see deer, maned wolf, monkeys and other mammals. Overnight in El Porvenir.

Day 3 Birdwatching; rio Curiraba; Campamento Marimono. Arise early for sunrise birdwatching, to see parrots and lots of birds. After breakfast depart in 4x4 via the "pampas" to Curiraba river, board a motorized dugout canoe for an exploration of this wildlife-rich river, experience pink river dolphins, caiman, capybara and hundreds of large water birds. The river ends in marshes, where the area is rich in monkeys, return to overnight in Campamento Marimono.

Day 4 Trek through the forest to Lagunas Anteojos.Morning hike through the forest, where you can see monkeys, guans and toucans, identify signs of anteater, jaguar, tapir and peccary. Watch the birdlife and study ethnobotany. After 3 hours hike you’ll reach the Anteojos lakes, where you can fish the real piranhas. Hike back seeing other aspects of the forest to overnight in Campamento Marimono.

Day 5 Campamento Marimono; El Porvenir; San Borja.Trip back in canoe and then 4x4 through the pampas and crossing cattle ranches until El Porvenir and then to San Borja.

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El Porvenir and the Beni Biosphere Reserve

The Beni Biological Station (Beni Biosphere Reserve) covers a geographical area of 135,000 hectares. It's incredible ecological composition caught the attention of national and foreign researchers and environmentalists who for more that ten years, with the sponsorship of the Bolivian Academy of Sciences, have joined efforts to have it recognized as a protected area. This is not only due to its rich biota, but also the presence of an important indigenous amazonian group, the T'simane (Chimane). It iwas declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1986 by the MAB-UNESCO International Council with the purpose of promoting conservation in a context of balance between humans and nature. 30,000 hectares have been legally recongnized by the Bolivian State as par of the T'simane Indigenous Terrirory.

Among the natural virtues of the Biosphere Reserve is the convergence of three biogeographical zones: the Amazon, the Chaco and the Cerrado. Studies carried out in the area demonstrate the presence of more than 100 species of mammals, over 500 species of birds and more than 2,000 species of vascular plants. Also of great importance is the inter-institutional coordination with national and international organizations. Such inter-relations have permitted the diffusion of their activities, and through sharing have enriched its experiences in the scientific realm as well as its relation with the population.

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