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Welcome to MADIDI.COM
, your bridge to the thriving and inspirational world of indigenous ecotourism in Bolivia´s Andes and Amazon, one of the most biologically and culturally diverse places on the planet.

MADIDI.COM is is a collaborative effort between indigenous communities and is coordinated by Alan Perry (biologist, guide, and webmaster) - friend to these indigenous folks for more than a decade.

The mission of the MADIDI.COM operation in collaboration with community-driven tourism enterprises is four-fold:

(1) Unite these operations into an alliance.

(2) Promote these efforts jointly as a consortium.

(3) Provide extensive information to learners and visitors.

(4) Ensure these efforts drive and sustain positive indigenous community development.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and know that your trip will have a positive economic impact on indigenous peoples while helping preserve nature and culture. We offer unique destinations and itineraries in the company of indigenous guides and local biologists. From student service expeditions to trekking and river trips to lodge-based vacations, we are the local experts to customize your personal Bolivian experience. We welcome families, kids, students and folks of all ages and provide "fixer" services for photographers and film-makers.

Booking your trip through us ensures this site continues to operate. The commissions also support the Proyecto Agua Indigena (Indigenous Water Project) with the Moseten/Tsimane indigenous communities of the rio Quiquibey and rio Beni of the Pilon Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Indigenous Territory, adjoining Madidi National Park. Learn more about these community-driven efforts at proyecto.agua.indigena.googlepages.com and view photos at picasaweb.google.com/proyecto.agua.indigena

We look forward to hearing from you and exploring together in this most special place.

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